Propine On The Rise of Alternative Asset Tokenisation in Private Markets

Asset tokenisation is the process of creating a digital representation of non-digital assets on a blockchain. It has taken the world by storm and transformed the global financial and investment landscape.

As more institutional investors acknowledge that asset tokenization will soon become mainstream, the enablement of fractional ownership by investors will definitely serve as an attractive alternative asset class.

In addition, tokenisation has addressed inherent challenges for both investors and asset managers by improving liquidity; enabling faster and cheaper transactions; offering greater transparency; and broadening access to a previously unaffordable or insufficiently divisible asset classes.

To find out what’s new in the asset tokenization space, be sure to tune into the Hg Exchange Webinar: The rise of alternative asset tokenisation in private markets – Abundant opportunities and the road ahead.

Moderated by Eric Say Wei, Neo, President of Hg Exchange, join our CEO, Tuhina Singh together with other experts including -Radek Jezbera, CEO of Kilde Financial Technologies and Stephanie Magnus, Principal of Baker McKenzie as they discuss the rise of tokenization in private markets alternative investments.

Date: 30 November 2021 (Tuesday)
Time: 5.30 pm – 6:30 pm Singapore Time

In addition, the experts will be sharing on what it takes to build a benign, enabling environment for tokenised securities; asset tokenisation from a digital custodian’s perspective; regulatory and considerations of tokenising assets; and the future of alternative investments in private markets as asset tokenisation becomes more prevalent.

Sign up now for the complimentary webinar here.

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