Propine, one of the growing list of digital asset custodians that utilises IBM’s cryptographic key management infrastructure

IBM, one of the financial industry’s longest standing and most trusted technology providers, has made a foray into enterprise blockchain since 2016. It currently supplies many of the world’s banks with hardware security modules (HSMs).

IBM could have easily offered a custody stack and being a “direct” custodian to enterprises. However, rather than competing with existing crypto custody firms, IBM would rather serve as layer zero and provide a set of tools of blockchain tech for crypto custodian such as Propine, to build on top.

Evidently, institutional players entering crypto want bank-grade custody solutions and IBM’s on-premise Linux One technology is currently used by banks and major financial institutions for running business critical services and securing sensitive data for many years.

Building on IBM Hyper Protect Services, Propine’s suite of institutional grade, blockchain-agnostic solutions will provide best-in-class institutional crypto storage with highest security standard possible, where keys are encrypted 100% of the time.

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