Propine Selected As 1 Of The 6 Startups By F10, A Startup Incubator

2 Dec 2020 — #Propine is honoured to be selected as one of the six startups by F10, a startup incubator to join its newest accelerator batch in Singapore, the first cohort to be evaluated through PwC Singapore’s accreditation program.

The accreditation, vetted across key areas including compliance, business models, and staff, will help us to gain credibility with potential customers.

Huge thanks to Jonas Thürig, head of F10 Singapore and the team for featuring Propine as part of the F10 Singapore’s new accelerator cohort. Big congratulations also to ApiaxCouture.aiCoverGo | InsurtechSignzy, and SynctacticAI, for being part of the community.

Under the guidance of F10 and working together with its corporate partners Julius BaerSIXR3 and PwC Singapore, let’s all take this to greater heights!


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