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Propine, Title Sponsor on Day 2 of TOKEN 2049

Propine off to an amazing start with the Panel Discussion: Money and Web 3.0: Is This a Marriage Made in Heaven

Moderated by our very own CEO, Tuhina Singh, and together with an amazing expert panel including Pranav Sharma, Founding Partner of Woodstock Fund; Wei Jie Chan (Wave), Digital Assets Lead of PwC Singapore; Anutosh Banerjee, Partner of McKinsey & Company; and Vinoy Kumar, Global Digital Assets Expert, the session was so amazing and insightful that garnered some wolf whistles and standing ovations from the audience!

Key takeaways:
We have to abstain from using the word trustless technology but instead, a distributed trust environment that is currently being developed, and stop linear thinking in a nonlinear world of Web 3.0, – Tuhina Singh
Three megatrends will dominate the next cycle – Convergence, Financialisation, and Virtualisation, – Pranav Sharma

For those who missed this, fret not, we will be sharing with you the recorded session very soon. Interested parties, please contact us here.

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