Rare Liquid Gold on Singapore Exchange

20 Jan 2020 — Experts say rare whisky is a good long-term bet and prices are up 582% in the last decade. (Source: This Is Money) While most consumables deteriorate and lose value over time, whiskey becomes more valuable as it ages.

Rare Cask Holdings, a subsidiary of PrimePartners Corporate Finance Holdings, has listed Southeast Asia’s first digital asset-based securities linked to exclusive casks of single-malt scotch whisky. The opportunity, which is open to accredited investors, is listed on Hg Exchange and coordinated by Fundnel Limited. The premium whiskey collection was tokenized on the Zilliqa #blockchain based on its ZRC-2 token standard.

Enormous congrats to HG Exchange and Zilliqa for this significant effort and milestone. The tokenized securities increase the liquidity of the underlying assets and thus provide investors an opportunity to access this unique asset class.

With the eventual success of Hg Exchange’s first asset-backed securities, we hope that this would confirm its successful exit from the MAS Sandbox in Apr this year.

This is not the first #tokenized whisky project. Back in July 2020, NEM Group and Wave Financial announced the Kentucky Whiskey Digital Fund token launch on NEM’s Symbol platform.

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