Recent Development In Interoperability Of Security Tokens Protocols

27 May 2020 — Recent development in interoperability of #securitytokens protocols, enables investors and exchanges to experience safe and smooth transfer of settlement of rights when buying and selling tokenized securities.

Tim Alper (팀 알퍼) reported on Cryptonews that Japanese tech giant Fujitsu signed a deal with major securities company Nomura that will see the introduction of an interoperable blockchain platform for trading #digitalsecurities in the second half of FY2020.

Nomura’s affiliate Boostry, and Fujitsu completed a number of successful tests on their new platform that acts as a service connecting and enabling transactions conducted in #digitalassets between different #blockchain networks.

This hopefully marks a big step towards the reduction of friction throughout the registration and investment processes for all parties involved.

Through a central source of information, exchanges are able to authorise investors for the purchase of any security tokens, no matter which company created the token, while investors are able to purchase different securities through just one compliance verification for all security tokens, not having to repetitively provide KYC info, every time they purchase new tokens from multiple exchanges.

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