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12 Jun 2020 — According to the latest survey 🔎 from Fidelity Digital Assets, growing number of institutional investors believe that digital assets should be a part of their investment portfolios. After doing some deep diving and comparing with last year’s survey results, I’d managed to summarise the results in a table.

🔥 Good news across the board! When compared with 2019 results, 2020 saw an increase from 68% to 74% amongst the US investors who find something appealing about #digitalassets, while the European are even more positive with 82%.

🔥 Also, US investors allocated to digital assets increased to 27% from 22% in 2019 and a whopping 45% in Europe say they are currently invested in digital assets!

🔥 While there are some reticence remains on digital asset adoption, the strength of concerns among US investors reduced notably vs. 2019 across factors i.e. price volatility (66% to 53%), concerns around market manipulation (53% to 47%), and lack of fundamentals to gauge appropriate value (53% to 45%).

Source – Survey was executed in association with Greenwich Associates on behalf of Fidelity Digital Assets and the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology
2020 –
2019 –
Tom Jessop Arlene Roberts

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