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6 May 2020 — As a seasoned marketer, I understand and totally appreciate the power of education-based marketing and how it is crucial to ensure the success of any new standards or movement adoption. The target community will listen and make a sound decision only if we share important information and positive facts that can help them to realise the end benefits.

Many a times, great things happened not just because of an idea or product that was mooted, it’s because of our collective effort in promoting its awareness and the edification that precedes the full adoption of movement. Like many, I personally believe that the FinTech industry suffers from a lack of an education-based approach and the gap between the potential adopters’ understanding and the professional is an ocean. Where there is such a gap, the void must be filled through a long and arduous task of edification, providing information, and sharing knowledge with the community involved.

Most of us will be more than often, play a passive role while taking for granted that somebody else would be doing the ‘evangelising’ job and the usual suspects have always been the relevant associations and the media. It is no different for the digital securities ecosystem. Kudos to the relevant associations including ASIFMAGovernment Blockchain AssociationWorld FinTech Associations, just to name a few and the media including securities.ioCoinDeskCointelegraph and many more for your tireless efforts in sharing your unbiased views and opinions, in the effort to make digital securities, mainstream. However, special mention goes to Herwig Gaston Konings and Kyle Sonlin, Founding Partners of Security Token Group and hosts of the Security Token Show. Your continuous efforts in pushing digital securities adoption within the community are commendable and have been nothing less than amazing.

For the past months, I have been speaking to quite a few capital market lawyers and financial advisors within the ASEAN region and it came as no surprise to me that more than half of them were not familiar with digital securities. Therefore, imagine to my surprise when Dave Hendricks, CEO of Vertalo, said that the company will be setting up a sandbox for participants in the digital asset industry to implement and learn by tokenizing digital assets in transactions at no initial cost. (A single asset tokenisation would normally incur a cost in excess of $50,000 dollars for the software development and consulting fees.) The goal of the sandbox, is to drive adoption of digital securities. This is great news indeed and a big step forward for digital securities. (Original article from by Joshua Stoner)

Looking back at the data on STO fundraising from 2017 to 2019, from the Global STO Study 2019 of BlockState, it doesn’t really match up to the hype around STOs as the numbers remained quite small from 5 STOs in 2017, 35 in 2018 to 55 in 2019. Read more

Are STOs Set for Takeoff in 2020?


I believe today is just as good a day as any, for us to start pushing for digital securities adoption. There’s just so much more that all of us can do. Let’s play our part to spread to and educate our networks so that together, we can achieve or even exceed the elusive dream of 130% STO’s growth in 2020!

— by Ian Fong, Director, Marketing & PR, Propine

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