Security Token Market Cap Surpasses $100 Million

11 Jun 2020 — Many experts believe that #STO is the future of capital markets. With all its advantageous, STO seems to be the new financial revolution, but sadly, it has not come to fruition yet or has it?

With its onset in 2017, followed by 2018, and soon 2019 came and went, and now at 2020; year on year, we kept reminding ourselves that STO will take off very soon. 🚀🚀🚀

STO’s potential liquidity seems to be one of the biggest hurdle. Some said that the buyers markets for STOs do not exist yet, while investors are treading very carefully with some having a “wait and see” attitude.

Numbers don’t lie and the good thing is that the business world revolves around numbers. And tZERO ATS – tZERO Group, Inc and Security Token Group have numbers to share and it’s super exciting.

✅ Security Token Market Cap Surpasses $100 Million Jonah Schulman Kyle Sonlin Herwig Gaston Konings

Saum Noursalehi Alexandra Sotiropoulos
✅ recorded a 4x increase from May 19, strongest month ever, transacting over 423,000 #digitalsecurities
✅ accounted for over 95% of all #securitytoken volume last month
✅ user growth is up 85%

While tZERO is the celebrated partner, it is definitely a huge milestone for the entire STO industry! 🥂🥂🥂


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