Security Token Market Report

6 Aug 2020 — If you peeps are still not familiar, the Security Token Group is an organization dedicated to helping foster the #digitalsecurities and tokenized securities industry. SInce January 2020, the team has been diligently providing us with insights on the Security Token Market.

I’ve been following Jonah’s report religiously and month on month, i couldn’t help but to be amazingly astounded by how its market cap and trading volume have increased exponentially since its first few months of a shaky start.

I took the liberty in summarising the reports here. As of end July 2020, at $392M, the Market Cap has increased more than sevenfold (616.43%), while the Trading Volume has raised to a whopping 4069.96% to $8M since Jan 2020.

The number of live exchanges has seen an increase from 3 to 5 while the total number of tokens trading has more than doubled from 9 to 20. Such numbers are proof beyond doubt that #STO revolution is finally arriving!

Kudos to Kyle SonlinHerwig Gaston Konings and their great team for the tireless efforts in providing information on the STO market as well as their constant push for its mainstream adoption. Special shout out goes to Jonah Schulman for his incredible work in providing us the reports too. Thank you guys!



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