Shaping The Future Of Capital Markets – The Impact of Digital Securities And Its Challenges Ahead

21 Jul 2021 — Digital securities is an absolute game changer for the capital market. Through Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), it brings in a new era of capital raising and investment with both the efficiency of cryptocurrencies as well as smart digital representation of ownership of a tradable financial asset.

With the burgeoning industry over the last few years, key infrastructure and markets are currently in place and supporters are certain that digital securities are primed to take off very soon as the industry takes shape to create a lasting legacy.

While the reality has yet to catch up with the hype’s full potential, with the recent increase of digital securities offering by traditional players such as DBS and UOB, this may signal the onset of an industry-wide butterfly effect for its global adoption.

But where is Digital Securities headed next? This white paper highlights the new reality of Digital Securities in shaping the future of capital markets including:

– Its impact on the current financial services

– The challenges that need to be addressed for its global adoption

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