TADS AWARDS (Tokenized Assets & Digitized Securities Awards) Gala 2020

19 Nov 2020 — Last night, I tuned into the first live webcast of TADS AWARDS (Tokenized Assets & Digitized Securities Awards) Gala 2020, where the best-in-class players in the #tokenized assets and digitized securities industry were awarded for their significant contributions and distinguished achievements worldwide.

Watching the first of such awards during the COVID era, it struck me that this is the imperfect perfection of a show. The serendipity that’s refreshing with the seamless giving-out of awards and winners with effusive speeches, sporadically infused with chapters of animation wizardry.

Of course the highlight of the show was when Benjamin Tsai spoke with eloquence and confidence of whiskey, Kentucky to be specific. “Last year, we decided to create the best asset-backed token that we can. So we focused on the Kentucky whiskey, because it provided an attractive return profile of 3 to 5 times over five years.”

Congratulations to Ben and his team. Wave Financial took home the highly coveted asset-backed token award and yes, it’s indeed Propine’s recommended nominee.

Kudos to all TADS Awards winners and also to Coinstreet Partners for a job well done! For those who have missed the awards ceremony, tune in here:

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