Texture Capital Released A Fundraising Research Study

15 Jan 2020 — Last week, Texture Capital released a #fundraising research study on 46 U.S. companies who had recently tapped the private markets, with the aim to better understand the process, pain points and opportunities for improvement.

Some of the key results worth highlighting and how #digitalsecurities are able to solve the problem:

1. 80% executives said the biggest challenge was the lengthy fundraising process – Digital securities fundraising through blockchain removes middlemen and automation leads to a faster, simpler and more efficient process.

2. 86% are prepared to relax tight control over who can invest in their company – Digital securities opens up the potential pool of investors to a much wider, global level.

3. Many firms were unhappy with their brokers’ performance and 89% executives agreed that secondary market liquidity was sorely lacking in private securities market – Digital securities exchanges could “replace” brokers in ensuring market liquidity and improve valuation.

The results of the study strongly validates that digital securities will be the solution to this, providing a safe and secure marketplace where companies can connect and transact with investors efficiently.

So to companies out there looking to raise funds, what are you waiting for?


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