Thailand Leads The Crypto Pack In Asia

9 Oct 2020 — Thailand leads the #crypto pack in Asia

Since its announcement in early 2019, The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) had wanted to become one of a few stock exchanges in the world to separate both their stock and crypto exchanges into two entities.

SET has recently announced that it has partnered with KASIKORN Business-Technology Group [KBTG] to develop a digital asset platform for investors by next year to provide new channels for fundraisers and create investment opportunities in alternative assets.

According to SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai, has set up Thai Digital Assets Exchange Co., Ltd. to run the entire #digitalassets operation in the future. The service will cover ICO portal connectivity to participants with products that match demands of both investors and issuers, a digital asset exchange as a secondary market and digital asset wallets.

This end-to-end service will be designed as an open digital asset platform, enabling all investors to use in a transparent and fair manner. Currently, both are assessing the feasibility, analysing benefits for all parties and preparing to apply for digital asset operating licenses from the Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand SET aims for the first token fundraising on the platform to commence in 2021.


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