The Rise Of Security Token Offerings

12 May 2020 — Industry experts believe that security tokens / digital securities will fly!

“Every Asset Class Will Be Digitized and Tokenized” – Dan Schatt | S:

“In 10–15 years, all securities, private and public, will be digital securities” – Tal Elyashiv | S:

“Much of the key infrastructure and markets are now in place to a technological standard … It’s now just a question of finding the right issuers, the right products and the right purchasers. Ultimately, we remain confident given the developments of the last two years that STOs will become commonplace across public and private markets.” – Emma Channing | S:

“Coupled with high-quality, yield-bearing token issuances and efficient global transactions, 2020 will finally be the year we unlock the accessibility which fuels mass global adoption – the dream of blockchain enthusiasts for over a decade.” – Dan Doney | S:

“Just like with any phenomenon, it’s usually something that has been long in the works by those who create it and then next thing you know, it’s (security token) mainstream.” – Herwig Gaston Konings | S:

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