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The Weakest and Strongest Links in the Future of Digital Securities!

13 April 2020 — Check Out Here for the Weakest and Strongest Links in the Future of Digital Securities!

A lot of experts say that digital securities is the future of capital markets due to its potential and promise to decentralise finance. However, most of us know that to unfold the full potential of digital securities, a mature ecosystem is required.

According to John Hensel, COO and co-founder of security token infrastructure provider Securrency, large asset managers and other major institutions of this world need to come on board before adoption can take off across the sector.

On the other hand, the Greenwich Associates 2019 report reveals that there are only very few successful security token offerings to date as the dominant challenge to security tokens is the regulatory environment.

So, are you in agreement or do you think that the lacklustre of digital securities’ implementation to date is caused by lack of demands from investors or possibly insufficient interests and appreciation from issuers?

It just takes less than 10 seconds to answer 3 questions and you will see what the consensus are saying. Take the short survey now to find out which players are the weakest and strongest link now! – by Ian Fong

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