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Three-Quarters of Asia’s Wealthy Investors Own Crypto by 2022

Accenture estimates that digital assets are a US$54bn market opportunity in Asia. 52 percent of affluent investors in Asia already hold digital assets, and 73 percent intend to do so by the end of 2022, according to its latest research.

In contrast, most wealth management firms in Asia do not offer clients a digital assets proposition yet, and two-thirds of firms currently have no plans to do so. Full report here.

Why wait on the sidelines? Are you adopting a “wait and see” approach or still have second thoughts on #crypto as an asset class? Or do you think that setting up a digital assets proposition is too complex given regulatory and operating model factors?

Do not wait any longer. Why?
With crypto’s adoption reaching mainstream soon, more and more clients are looking at opportunities for exposure to different types of digital assets. Setting up a crypto proposition may be complex, but certainly not if you partner with a regulated, insured, audited, and experienced service provider such as Propine. We will be able to guide you step-by-step in making sure that you can deliver what your clients want and go to market at a much faster pace.

Get yourself started and book a demo session with us today!

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