Regulated, independent custodian vs a one-stop-shop – Time to reassess your digital asset security needs?

16 April 2020 — According to the Fidelity Investments survey, many institutions are showing interest to own digital assets and need a custodian or they want to invest in digital assets, but first need a custodian.

76% of institutions surveyed placed security and safety as their most important considerations when considering a custodian for digital assets.

“Large financial institutions might prefer a provider that covers both security and regulatory aspects from a one-stop-shop.” – , Head of Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

“Independent third-party digital asset custody is the safest environment for keeping digital assets and brings the neutrality and transparency that investors need and desire.” – Alexandre Kech, CEO of Onchain Custodian

“The main considerations concern asset safety, and the legal and regulatory framework in which the custody provider operates.” – Mark Profeti, Principal Consultant at Capco

However, out of 441 institutional investors surveyed, only 18% are using third-party custodians. Don’t you think it’s time to reassess your own security needs and jump on the bandwagon? – by Ian Fong

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