Tuhina Singh: Top 9 Female Start-Up Founders On Pitchdeck Asia Show

8 April 2020 — Many thanks to Pitchdeck Asia Show for granting our CEO Tuhina Singh as one of the top 9 female start-up founders on their show last season.

“(Tuhina) You are one of those founders (and I say this with all due respect because I believe it’s probably the most interesting group of founders) who are the corporate dropouts.

We have this sort of narrative of founders who are about nineteen twenty years old kids who are out of Stanford; in shorts and sandals; they are going to change the world.

Yet the really successful founders are the one who have done 10, 20 years in that world; they understand what’s broken; they not necessarily going to change the whole world but they are going to fix a really fundamental problem.

And it seems to me that those founders they come with experience; they come with skills; (you know) and the best of all is that they don’t have to bankroll their education; they know their stuff already; and they come with their network as well.” shared #AsiaTechPodcast Host, Graham Brown

Watch our CEO’s interview here!

– by Ian Fong

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