We are over 10K and growing! Enormous thank you to all Propine Community

Last year, our LinkedIn account was only with a few hundred followers. However, we realised that being a player in a nascent industry like crypto, we needed to have a social platform that served as a trusted voice.  The aim was to enable our collective voices of authority heard among the crypto community.

Propine as a first mover has a duty to educate the community that we serve, not only selfishly about our solution, on why it is needed and how it is used, but more importantly on why digital assets and DeFi are fundamentally going to change the world economy.

To us, LinkedIn is not only to be used as a hiring platform. It has allowed us to share our knowledge and experience with the world’s largest professional community. It has become a significant social handle for us to provide bite-size content that’s relatable to our work and industry, to our community.

We have since started to share quality information and opinions, provide talking points and thought leadership articles, comment on the trends within the crypto sector, details on the latest news within the company and on new special launches and ventures. 

And now, a year and a half has passed. We are celebrating a new milestone: our LinkedIn community now has over 10,000 followers!

Enormous thanks to all the people that follow us every day: the increasing number of “Likes”, comments and shares, encourage us to continue with our regular high-quality postings.

So if you are keen on what’s the latest on digital assets and want to be part of the digital securities and crypto community, please join us today! Or should you have any suggestions on how we can further improve on our contents, please contact us at

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