What Problem Is Propine Solving?

18 Dec 2020 — I get this sometimes, ‘I have heard a lot about #digitalassets and securities but what exactly does #Propine offer?’

I’d realized that I have not written much on the company and so today, I will dedicate this post to Propine.

What problems are we solving?

Institutional adoption of digital assets has two precursors: availability of compliant, regulated infrastructure and clarity of regulations. Propine, having received the license and built a compliant solution, allows institutions to easily participate in the space without any worry about the technology, security or regulations.

So who are we looking for?

1. Business owners, ready and willing to explore this way of raising funds.
2. Digital Exchanges and Institutional Investors seeking a license and regulated digital asset custody provider
3. Secondary trading partners for our clients

It is not investing in #digitalsecurities per say, but in a class of asset that was never before available. Propine, just make it all possible in a regulated, compliant and efficient way.

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