Where regulation and compliance matter most in instilling investors’ confidence of digital asset custody

In recent months, London-based Nickel Digital Asset Management has commissioned a few studies on institutional investors and wealth managers (participants) in several countries and all the results have pointed to one single important factor.


It remains one of the most significant hurdles preventing institutional investors from investing in digital assets for the first time.

We are witnessing a burgeoning digital asset industry and an increase of interest in cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin price rallying from a new all-time high price before falling again. Recent regulatory clarity that were observed in key jurisdictions has created an environment that allows institutions and investors to gain exposure to digital assets with confidence.

While there is a considerable number of crypto custodians in the market, only very few of them are licensed and regulated to safeguard investor’s rights. Besides providing a secure custody solution, a compliant and trusted provider would adhere to institutional-grade know-your-customer and anti-money laundering standards.

That’s where Propine stands out among the competition

Propine is the first and only fully regulated independent digital asset custody provider by MAS and as such, we have the first mover advantage especially with institutional investors and banks.

Unlike our competitors, Propine offers a single integrated custody platform with an open and horizontal system. Propine brings empowerment and inclusion to our clients as they are given the freedom of choice to work with any tokenization or issuance providers, broker-dealers, exchanges.

Once onboarded, our clients will not get restricted and locked in the ecosystem, but have the complete mobility and flexibility where digital assets are able to easily migrate across protocols and technical platforms.

Our seamless AML and KYC Compliance service allows customers to be onboarded safely and efficiently and quickly identifies risks before they become threats. The integrated platform allows instant, seamless and secure trading with the ecosystem of liquidity providers, all within the bounds of an institutional-grade digital assets custody platform. With trades automatically settled in real time across the network, this increases capital efficiency for market participants while removing credit risk.

What’s more, instead of letting the digital assets sit idle in custody, our crypto asset management solution connects with yield-generating solution providers to facilitate returns from cryptocurrency deposits through staking, borrowing & lending as well as other forms of liquidity mining.

For institutional investors seeking to enter the digital assets market in a reliable, secure and compliant manner, seek no further. Propine empowers you with clarity and ensures inclusivity in trading digital assets.

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