Which country is at the pole position for CBDC projects in Southeast Asia?

15 Oct 2020 — Which country is at the pole position and which is trailing behind for #CBDC projects in Southeast Asia?

1. Thailand – Pilot Phase
2. Cambodia – Development Phase
3. Indonesia and Philippines – Research Phase

Hmmm, where is Singapore? Isn’t Project Ubin by MAS and J.P. Morgan, a CBDC project? Well, not according to the Global Standards Mapping Initiative launched yesterday by the Global Blockchain Business Council and the World Economic Forum.

Good news is that based on input from over 30 technical standard-setting entities, 185 jurisdictions, and nearly 400 industry groups, the reports can provide technical standards; legislation and guidance by sovereign and international bodies; and industry best practices and standards for #blockchain and #digitalassets landscape.

Core collaborators include Accenture; Digital Currency Initiative, MIT Media LabESG Intelligence Private LimitedGlobal Digital FinanceHyperledger The Linux FoundationINGMilken InstituteSIX Digital Exchange; and other global entities.

The reports are accessible to the public and intended to serve as a resource for the blockchain community to develop thoughtful frameworks and standards to propel the industry forward.

To access reports and interactive map:


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