Would You Want to be Paid in Crypto?

62% of Canadian seems to be willing, according to the latest survey from Capterra of 1,000 respondents.

So what is motivating cryptocurrency buyers?

Could it be that cryptocurrency:
1. isn’t tied to one currency or economy and is used as a hedge against the U.S. dollar that’s being devalued, due to rising inflation
2. is an innovation FOMO that could potentially make you rich quickly
3. has immense flexibility and speed of international transfer
4. is being accepted by increasing number of companies

According to the survey, most crypto users (58%) seem interested in using them to make a profit. However, nearly half of them (48%) also appreciated being a part of something innovative and alternative, which may allude to their values as buyers.

Cryptocurrencies has been in the constant limelight for the past years and it seems that they are becoming increasingly mainstream. Consequently, there are a growing number of companies embracing cryptocurrencies by allowing customers to use them to pay for their goods and services, i.e. Mastercard, Hong Kong-based Pavilion Hotels & Resorts group, AXA insurance, Microsoft, Starbucks, Tesla, Amazon, Visa, Paypal, airBlatic, Sothesby’s, Coca Cola, LOT Polish Airlines, Expedia, Lush, etc.

Some of the recent signs of change in payment and crypto paychecks acceptance include:

New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Thursday said his first paycheck, to arrive on Friday, will be automatically converted into cryptocurrency

In Nov last year, Francis Suarez, Mayor of Miami said that “I will be taking 100% of my salary in #bitcoin.” In the same month, NFL’s Odell Beckham Jr suggested that 100% of his compensation will be paid in Bitcoin

Last year April, Jim Cramer, popular television personality and host of Mad Money on CNBC, tweeted “pay me in bitcoin!!”

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