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Date: 27 July 2022, Wednesday

Time: 10.00 am Singapore time (GMT +8)

Johnson Chen – Founder and CEO of CapBridge
Steve Knabl – COO and Managing Partner of Swiss-Asia Financial Services
Tuhina Singh – Co-Founder and CEO of Propine
Benjamin Tsai – President and Managing Partner of Wave Financial

Simon Cleary, ACC, CPC – Founder and Director of SC Solves Pte Ltd

While 2021 has been a pivotal year for digital assets, especially after reaching a market cap of over $3 trillion in November last year, the recent crypto crash as inflation and recession fears gripped the market had caused Bitcoin to lose two-thirds of its value since its record high with an array of altcoins also plummeted.

The Terra ecosystem collapsed in May 2022, and Singapore-based Three Arrows Capital is being liquidated due to the sharp sell-off in crypto markets. Several previously invincible hedge funds and high-profile lenders were put in jeopardy when crypto collateral that once supported loans became deeply discounted or illiquid.

Despite all of this, people continue to be interested in #digitalassets, according to Bank of America’s June 2022 survey of over 1000 people. Nine out of ten people said they planned to purchase crypto in the next six months, the same number as those who had purchased in the past six months.

Digital assets may still be a good investment notwithstanding their high risk and volatility. Perhaps the most fundamental question is: What are the considerations investors need to keep in mind when seeking exposure to this asset class?

To assist investors in making informed investment decisions, they need to be aware of the specific risk factors of investment in digital assets, such as price volatility, liquidity, technology, operational, credit, counterparty, custody, valuation, legal, regulatory, and tax risks.

Join us as we bring together a panel of industry leaders to discuss the issues to consider when investing in digital assets, the specific risk factors involved, and the power of portfolio diversification.

The discussion will provide insights into how to best navigate the risks involved when considering digital asset investment and enlighten attendees about the advantages and disadvantages of owning them.

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