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Shaping The Future Of Capital Markets – The Impact of Digital Securities and its Challenges Ahead

Discover the new reality of Digital Securities in shaping the future of capital markets including its impact on the current financial services and the challenges faced for its global adoption.

The Impact of Digital Securities and its Challenges Ahead

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Digital securities is an absolute game changer for the capital market. Through Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), it brings in a new era of capital raising and investment with both the efficiency of cryptocurrencies as well as smart digital representation of ownership of a tradable financial asset.

With the burgeoning industry over the last few years, key infrastructure and markets are currently in place and supporters are certain that digital securities are primed to take off very soon as the industry takes shape to create a lasting legacy.

While the reality has yet to catch up with the hype’s full potential, with the recent increase of digital securities offering by traditional players such as DBS and UOB, this may signal the onset of an industry-wide butterfly effect for its global adoption.

But where is Digital Securities headed next?

This white paper highlights the new reality of Digital Securities in shaping the future of capital markets including:

  • Its impact on the current financial services
  • The challenges that need to be addressed for its global adoption

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The Institutional Requisites Of A Justifiable Digital Assets Custody Global Landscape

Find out the current global landscape of digital assets custodian and the custody solutions from Propine, which establish the structures and controls that work best for institutions.

Digital assets custodians play a vital role in facilitating asset security while ensuring ease of transaction through the financial system. Compliant custodian solutions are the basic infrastructure and a precondition for a mature and thriving crypto industry.

The motivation behind lies in its offering of capital inflow channel secured by multi-party trust through blockchain technology and the safeguarding of crypto assets. And it is with these presumptions, many players including both traditional institutions and FinTechs, are venturing into the space of digital assets custody.

While the digital assets custody solutions were first created for retail crypto market due to the strong demand from retail investors, the crypto market began to mature and with better clarity on financial regulations, there was a corresponding increase of institutional interest in crypto.

Download this complimentary white paper to find out:

  • What is the current global landscape of digital assets custodian?
  • Who are the traditional market players vs. new kids on the block?
  • What is the difference between Institutional and Retail Digital Assets custody?
  • What are the custody solutions from Propine that are seeking to establish the structures and controls that work best for institutions?

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“Propine’s high security infrastructure offers the trust that is required by our institutional clients. Our partnership with Propine adds an important value-added component to the Skyhook offering in the institutional capital markets by facilitating access to Propine’s institutional grade custody and asset servicing services within a regulated environment. We look forward to continuing our close collaboration.”

Melchior Van Wijlen
Melchior van Wijlen
COO, Skyhook Capital

“The partnership with Propine enables Watiga Trust to offer our trust services for digital assets. Our clients are thus assured of regulatory compliance and transaction assurance, given Propine’s status as the first and only licensed digital asset custody service provider with a CMS licence by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.”

Matt Richards Watiga
Matt Richards
Founder and Managing Director, Watiga Trust and Watiga Asia

“As one of the largest registered investment advisors in the US, Wave Financial is always on the look out for high quality service providers in the crypto space. We were very impressed with Propine’s technology and security sophistication, along with the fact that they are properly registered and regulated by the Singapore government. We look forward to working more closely with Propine going forward.”

Benjamin Tsai
Benjamin Tsai
President & Managing Partner, Wave Financial

“As the first fully regulated and licensed private securities exchange in Singapore, security and trust are of utmost importance to us. We are glad to count Propine as a valued partner. Their digital assets custodial solutions give us and our investors greater assurance in this rapidly evolving space.”

Victor Chia
Victor Chia
CEO, 1exchange

“Propine is tackling a challenge that needs to be solved before we can see widespread acceptance of crypto products by institutional investors. The security solutions that they’re embedding in their product offering could see it become the gold standard for crypto custodians.”

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Sam Gibb
Managing Partner, Endeavour Ventures

“Propine is a crucial piece of infrastructure enabling institutions to enter the crypto economy. Safe and easy storage is incredibly important and Propine makes this possible through a unique solution.”

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Kenrick Drijkoningen
Founding Partner, LuneX Ventures

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