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Discover the simplicity and efficiency of our solutions for payments, Web 3 experiences, and tokenization. Streamline your financial processes with ease.

Metaverse Economy is Here. Are you Ready?

Are you a corporate or a consumer-facing company that prides itself in staying ahead of its pack? You may wish to consider a digital asset strategy and open a new frontier of possibilities:

Unlock the
Metaverse Economy

Position your company at the forefront of innovation by connecting with the dynamic Metaverse Economy.

Access Trillion
Dollar Liquidity

Harness the potential of cryptocurrencies and digital currencies as payment methods, granting entry to a vast, trillion-dollar liquidity pool.

Enhance Cross
Border Clarity

Elevate transparency and predictability in cross-border payments, reducing uncertainties in your global transactions.

Seize Control with

Take charge of your enterprise capital with tokenization, securing your balance sheet and cap-table for strategic decision-making.

Boost Savings
and Earnings

Embrace lower transaction fees, transforming savings into earnings and empowering your financial prowess

Elevate Consumer

Immerse your audience in immersive Web 3 experiences and NFT programs, forging deeper connections and fostering brand loyalty in the digital realm.

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Provide highest investor protection for your clients’ assets without sacrificing speed and efficiency.

Embark on a Secure and Seamless Digital Asset Journey with Propine

Comprehensive Digital Asset Custody Solution

Focus on your core business, leave your digital asset security to us. 

If you are looking to enable your business through digital assets, ensuring your digital assets are safe, is the single biggest decision before you. Propine is a licensed, audited, insured custody provider.

Dive Into the Metaverse Economy Through NFT Minting.

  • If you are a luxury brand, prevent counterfeit, provide a stamp of authenticity through NFTs.
  • Generate new revenue streams by minting limited edition NFTs, collectables, special privileges or token to be redeemed against physical product. Opportunities abound.
  • Create immersive experience, build digital communities of advocates and brand ambassadors using NFTs.
  • Incentivize your customers by offering surprise gifts/vouchers or discounts on next purchase.

Transformative Asset Tokenization Solutions

Do more with your assets – tokenize your securities, real estate assets, gold, share of profit, brand equity and any other tangible or intangible asset.

Why Tokenize your assets?

Explore the compelling reasons and numerous benefits behind asset tokenization, and unlock a world of new possibilities for your investments and financial strategies.

Investor Base

Fractionalizing of asset can lower the entry barrier for investors as each token can be of nominal value.

Put Illiquid
Assets to Work

Tokenization offers new opportunity to derive liquidity through secondary trading. With Propine, investments can be made in fiat, stablecoins or choice of crypto.


Maintain an immutable record of transactions using digital ledger technology and lower the cost of issuance, process management, tracking and recording.

the Process

Maintain an immutable record of transactions using digital ledger technology and lower the cost of issuance, process management, tracking and recording.

the Process

Create your asset issuance in seconds on Propine’s bespoke platform DASH

What Our Client Say

Our clients commend Propine for delivering exceptional custodial solutions that blend
cutting-edge technology with a profound commitment to security and innovation.

Our Blog

Deep dive into how Propine ensures an iron clad investor protection.

Secure Your Digital Assets Today!

Tokenize and protect your digital assets with Propine’s hyper-secure platforms, tailored to your corporate needs.

Propine holds the Capital Markets Services (CMS) license for custody from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). We also hold license to deal in digital payment tokens under Payment Services Act from MAS.

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