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The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has awarded Propine the Capital Services License to the custody of fiat and digital assets. This makes us one of the very few in the industry capable of managing ambiguity that lurks large over the industry. 

Proven Risk Management

Time-tested strategies for success.

Banking Governance

Traditional frameworks for stability.

Finance Principles

Practices driving growth.

Leading Insurance

Top-tier coverage for security.

Take a Look at Our Sophisticated Rule Engine Protocol.

Your governance frameworks will be overlayed in just a few clicks! 

Propine Advantage

Whether you are an established banking institution or a new age digital bank, Propine offers tailor-made solutions to integrate digital assets into your business seamlessly. We provide flexibility, scalability in a compliant and regulated environment. 

Custody Solutions

Explore our comprehensive custody solutions, including sub-custody and white label custody services, designed to cater to your specific needs, ensuring the safety and integrity of your digital assets.


Unlock a world of possibilities with our tokenization solutions, allowing you to transform various assets into digital tokens, enabling greater liquidity, security, and accessibility for your financial strategies.



Comprehensive Custody Solutions for Financial Institutions

Propine as sub-custodian

Enter the next phase of expansion and faster speed to market with Propine as your sub-custodian. Secure your foundation with ProTect™

White label custody

Seamlessly integrate our white label custody solution into legacy or new banking systems and create frictionless user experience for your users. 

Empower your Assets with Tokenization Through DASH™

Do more with your assets – Use our DASH™ platform to tokenize securities or physical assets. DASH™ is a robust, secure and future-proof solution offered as a white label service. Our platform provides token issuance, complete life cycle management and unrivaled flexibility.



What Our Client Say

Our clients commend Propine for delivering exceptional custodial solutions that blend
cutting-edge technology with a profound commitment to security and innovation.

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Deep dive into how Propine ensures an iron clad investor protection.

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