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Helping family offices navigate digital assets securely and conveniently.

Propine is a trusted provider of comprehensive digital asset custody solutions designed specifically for qualified financial institutions such as family offices and asset managers. We understand the unique challenges and responsibilities you face when managing and safeguarding your valuable digital assets. That’s why we offer a tailored, secure, and reliable custodial service that empowers you to navigate the digital asset landscape with confidence.

Navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance for digital assets.

The complexities and uncertainties surrounding the regulatory landscape for digital assets can vary significantly across jurisdictions. As a trusted partner to qualified financial institutions worldwide, we possess a deep understanding of the global digital asset landscape. We work closely with governments and regulators across the world and help clients stay compliant in an ever-evolving regulatory environment.

Regulated by Monetary Authority of Singapore, we hold the Capital Markets Services (CMS) license to manage the entire gamut of digital assets including crypto, NFTs, tokens, stable coins, digital securities, and fiat.

Customized Digital Asset Management Solutions for Family Offices.

We understand that family offices have distinct requirements when it comes to managing their digital assets. Our experienced team works closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor our custodial solutions accordingly.

Top-notch user

  • Single sign-on for multiple entities
  • Intuitive workflow
  • Secure DeFi wallet access 
  • Multiple portfolios for segregation of assets


  • State-of-the-art custody infrastructure
  • Auditable & Compliant
  • Biometrics for enhanced security 
  • Easily configurable policy engine


  • Dedicated team of professionals 
  • Round the clock availability 
  • Expert assistance every step of the way

Validated by Trusted
Third Parties

  • Tech Audited
  • Financial Audit
  • Ops and Risk Governance Audit
  • Pen Tests

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About Custodial Models?

Whether you need assistance with secure storage, asset transfers, portfolio management, or reporting, we offer flexible solutions that align with your goals and strategies.

Your Partner for Unmatched Custodial Excellence and Security

Discover the unparalleled assurance of Propine’s custodial solutions. With a steadfast commitment to transparency and client satisfaction, we’ve earned the trust of the industry. Entrust your digital assets to us and unlock their full potential, all while enjoying the pinnacle of security and service excellence.

Comprehensive Reporting

Real-time reporting and analytics tools for monitoring portfolio performance, tracking risks, and making informed investment decisions.

Efficient Integration

User-friendly platforms that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and workflows, precluding need for any sophistication at your end.

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Provide highest investor protection for your clients’ assets without sacrificing speed and efficiency.

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Our clients commend Propine for delivering exceptional custodial solutions that blend
cutting-edge technology with a profound commitment to security and innovation.

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Deep dive into how Propine ensures an iron clad investor protection.

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Provide highest investor protection for your clients’ assets without sacrificing speed and efficiency.

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