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Our institutional-grade solution provides highest levels of certified security, compliance and granular governance policies for safeguarding multiple asset classes including digital securities, cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, NFTs and fiat while ensuring ease of access to your digital assets in our custody.

Single platform to manage a range of activities to simplify your workflow and reduce workload.

ProTect is a one-stop, fully integrated digital asset custody platform that supports all major blockchains and tokens. Our institutional-grade solution provides the highest levels of certified security, compliance, and granular governance policies for safeguarding multiple asset classes, including digital securities, cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, NFTs, and fiat while ensuring ease of access to your digital assets in our custody.




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Provide highest investor protection for your clients’ assets without sacrificing speed and efficiency.

ProTect™ Foundation

Elevate your security measures with a suite of cutting-edge technologies designed to safeguard your digital assets

Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Enhance data integrity and confidentiality through a robust HSM.

Quantum Resistant Key Management

Future-proof your key management against emerging quantum threats.

Protected Memory Enclaves

Secure sensitive data within isolated environments, shielded from external threats.

Tamperable Policy Engines

Customize and enforce secure policies with tamper-resistant engines.

Secure Distributed Computing​

Eliminate vulnerabilities with a distributed approach, eradicating single points of failure.

Comprehensive Insulation

Fortify defenses against cyber-attacks, internal collusion, and human errors, ensuring unparalleled security for your assets.

Technical Architecture of a Digital Wallet

The three core functions of a wallet are storing keys, constructing a transaction, and signing the transaction. Our wallet architecture provides high liquidity, high security, and high operational compliance by disaggregating the core functions (aforementioned) of a wallet into a closed ecosystem of trusted and distributed services with strict separation of duties.

Critical wallet functions

Critical wallet Requirements

Critical aspect of optimal solution

ProTect™ stands unique because it enables our customers to focus on their businesses, leaving the rest with us.

What Clients Love About Our Platform

ISO 27001 Certified &
SOC 2 Type II Compliant

Compliance and security are the cornerstones of our very existence. It is baked in our systems since Propine’s inception, and we have focused on building our business on sound principles of governance, compliance and data security.

Propine was the first digital assets custodian to be awarded an ISO 27001 certification, which is an internationally recognised specification for information security management. Audited by TÜV SÜD, an internationally accredited independent product testing service, Propine maintains information security management systems and determines which technical controls to implement so as to keep crucial information assets secure.

After ISO 27001, SOC 2 was the next milestone in our pathway of continuous security reinforcement.

Importantly, though the SOC 2 Type II report describes a service organization’s systems and whether the controls the company has put in place satisfy the SOC criteria, the criteria chosen for audit by organizations varies. We are very proud to state that SFF examined controls relevant to the trust services criteria categories covering the entire gamut including security, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity, and privacy in Propine’s audit and SSF did not note any exceptions. Therefore, Propine has been issued with a “clean” audit opinion from SSF.

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